Natural - Elephant POOPOOPAPER Parent Sheets

Natural - Set of Six - Large Handmade Parent Sheets of Elephant POOPOOPAPER

Set of Six Sheets - Natural - Large Handmade Parent Sheets of Elephant POOPOOPAPER

Large Handcrafted, Tree-Free, Eco-friendly, Organic, odorless (of course!) Elephant POOPOOPAPER Sheets (6 sheet set) for Artists, DIY Crafts, Paper Enthusiasts and Lovers of all Things Unique! Paper Size: 32" x 22" inches (80 cm x 55cm).

Our large handcrafted Elephant POOPOOPAPER sheets are truly unique and special and are usually purchased by artists, DIY crafters and paper enthusiasts. They are available in numerous colors and they measure 32" x 22" inches (80 cm x 55cm). The beautiful texture of the front side of each sheet is rough, tough and fibrous while the rear side of each sheet is slightly less textured and more ideal for drawing and painting.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Tree-Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Sustainable Product & Production Process
  • Hand-crafted using age-old techniques, skills and traditions
  • Friendly to both people and our planet
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POOPOOPAPERTM products use NO wood pulp in our paper. Our pulp mixture is made from fibers that are 100% Organic, Tree-Free, Sustainable and Chemical free - Poo (Pooh, Poop or Dung) fibers - of course.

We use Poo fibers from elephants, cows, horses, donkeys, buffaloes, along with other animal and plant fibers to make our amazing, all natural POOPOOPAPERTM products which are then sun-dried naturally and are pH neutral and lignin-free.

This item contains six sheets of POOPOOPAPERTM.

For other color options please see our handmade Elephant POOPOOPAPERTM Handmade Large Parent Sheets in assorted colors or in natural (off-white).  If you prefer a smooth, milled Elephant POOPOOPAPERTM sheet please see our 80 gsm (20 lb.) natural parent sheets