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Set of 4 Elephant POOPOOPAPER Ornaments - Sphere Balls (Red+White)


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If you're looking to have a ball this Christmas season, why not go a step further and have four balls!  What's more - why not also try to make this a green Christmas holiday! Our unique Elephant POOPOOPAPER Sphere Ornaments are definitely uncommon, green and memorable all at the same time and have been delicately handcrafted using a paper mache technique.  Plus, they're made from recycled elephant poo!  What a great conversation piece during the holidays!  The set of 4 Sphere Ornaments include two red ornaments and two natural color ornaments with natural twine and will easily hang from your tree or make for a memorable, one-of-a-kind eco friendly Christmas gift.  These ornaments are very durable and will last for years - and then they'll biodegrade - so leave instructions with any heirs!


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