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Journal Elephant Mom and Baby Blue


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Our original and most beloved line…it was our desire to help preserve these magnificent animals that contributed to our first paper making efforts!

Elephant POOPOOPAPER is a 100% Organic, Tree-Free, and Chemical Free, sustainable, recycled and ecologically sound paper product. Good for People and the Planet.

Journal dimensions are 8 x 7.75" and the outer covers are thick and sturdy. The pattern that continues from front to back is crafted from two different colored papers using an intricate hand-made die-cut which creates the mom and baby design.

Inside, 20 blank journal pages contain natural flecks in the paper which add to the exotic texture and appearance. Perfect for note taking, art doodling, sketching or as a memory journal. Not suited for delicate writing projects, but we did say art DOOdles, right?

Includes POOPOOPAPER Story insert.

Get one or give one to your favorite MOM!

Product Description: 8 x 7.5"
Cover: Blue with Natural Mom and Baby
Inside: 20 Blank Pages

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Classic Elephant POOPOOPAPER™

Our original and most beloved line - Classic Elephant POOPOOPAPER™ - was our first line of 100% Organic, Sustainable, Chemical Free paper made from the fibers of Elephant Poo and was motivated by our desire to help preserve these magnificent animals.

Like all of our papers, Elephant POOPOOPAPER is a 100% Organic and sustainable paper product that is hand-crafted using age-old techniques, skills and traditions that are friendly to both people and our planet. 

Our POOPOOPAPER products use NO wood pulp – they are 100% Tree-Free! The pulp mixture we use is made from fibers that are 100% Organic, Sustainable and Chemical free - Poo (Pooh, Poop or Dung) fibers - of course. We use Poo fibers (approximately 85%) from elephants, cows, horses, donkeys, buffaloes, along with seasonally available agricultural waste fibers (aproximately15%) such as Sugar Cane, Corn Husks, Coconut Shells and Banana stock fiber - to make our amazing, archival quality, acid-free, pH neutral, lignin-free, all natural POOPOOPAPER products which are then dried naturally in the sun. Our various colors of paper are created using all-natural food coloring

We feel that our POOPOOPAPER products are among, if not the most, ecological and sustainable paper produced in the world.

Our products are fun, thought-provoking and exciting, no matter what the age group and are a statement to the kind of world we want to live in.

POOPOOPAPER - Smile. Laugh. Think. Learn. Teach. Reduce. Create. Do(o)!