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  • Floral/ Flowers


    A rose is a rose is a rose...or maybe not!

    Many stunning layers of paper create one of our most unusual and requested products.  POOPOOPAPER™ ROSES are available in cow, horse or elephant poop in yellow, pink or red.

    Show them you care....say it with poo!

  • Journals

    Eco-friendly POOPOOPAPER journals, note pads, diaries and sketch books are handcrafted using our many varieties of elephant, cow, horse, moose, donkey and panda poo fibers!  No bleach.  No chlorine.   POOPOOPAPER is sustainable and handcrafted in Thailand and makes for simply wonderful, unique, memorable and funny gifts for him or for her!

  • Notepads and Scratch Pads

    Think Happy Not Crappy Horse POOPOOPAPER Scratch PadYou dung say!

    POOPOOPAPER Brand's memorable collection of eco-friendly, green, sustainable and handmade notepads and scratch pads are made with recycled elephant poo, cow, horse poo, moose poo or donkey poo.  From the whimsical to pun-derful, our wide variety of designs are sure to evoke smiles and happiness to kids and the kid at heart!  Check out our notepads, scratch pads, note blocks!

  • Photo Albums

    Photo Albums

  • Social Stationery

    Social Stationery

  • Noteboxes (Box of Notes)

    Noteboxes (Box of Notes)

  • Scratch Pads and Notepads

    Artist's Reproduction - Batik Yellow NotepadFabulously incredible and memorable.  POOPOOPAPER scratch pads and notepads are eco-friendly, green, sustainable and handmade.  Made with recycled elephant poo, cow, horse poo, moose poo and/ or donkey poo, we use no chlorine or bleach in the production of our unique, tree-free paper products.

    So whether call them jotters, note blocks, scratch pads or note pads, take a peek at our collection of dozens upon dozen of items in this section.  POOPOOPAPER makes for a great gift for him or for her.  How memorable, meaningful and hilarious all at the same time!

  • Picture Frames

    Picture Frames

  • Sheets and Envelopes

    Sheets and Envelopes

  • Greeting Cards

    We have dozens of different POOPOOPAPER Greeting Cards to choose from.   Many of our greeting cards are blank inside allowing you to customize your own message.  Our Precious Movements Collection of greeting cards all have printed messages inside and suited for specific purposes such as birthdays, anniversaries, get well, congratulations and other occasions.

    We also offer blank POOPOOPAPER greeting card and envelope sets so you can design and print your own designs on our unique papers!

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