Bouquet of Six Red, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Roses and Card made from Elephant, Cow or Horse POOPOOPAPER.
Bouquet of Six Red, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable POOPOOPAPER Roses - Top View
Bouquet of Six Red, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable POOPOOPAPER Roses - Full View
Single Red POOPOOPAPER Rose -Single Rose - Top View
Single Red POOPOOPAPER Roses - Single Rose - Top View

Bouquet of Red Cow POOPOOPAPER Roses - HALF DOZEN

Eco-Friendly, Tree-Free, Chemical-Free Paper Roses! Our paper Roses are an amazing, eco-friendly alternative to the real thing!

Red Cow POOPOOPAPER™ Roses are poo-sitively beautiful!!

Each paper rose is hand-crafted out of many stunning layers and pieces of our Eco-friendly, tree-Free, sustainable, chemical free, Cow POOPOOPAPER™.

Red Cow POOPOOPAPER™ Roses are one of our most unusual and requested products and did we mention that we have FREE Shipping world wide!!

We create various colors of paper using dyes created from food coloring and we hand craft each rose onto each stem. Go ahead, stop and smell the roses!

These roses are the perfect choice for those who appreciate the environment, the unusual AND the humorous.

POOPOOPAPER™ Roses are also a thoughtful and sensitive way to touch those who are not able to receive real flowers due to allergies or illness.

Bouquet of Six Red Cow POOPOOPAPER™ Roses

  • Tree-Free
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Sustainable Product & Processes
  • Made from Real Elephant Poo!
  • Bamboo Stem
  • No Smell - Scent Free!
  • Last Forever - No Watering!


Includes a "THINKING OF POO YOU!"TM Mini-Greeting Card with each Rose

Available in Elephant, Cow and Horse POOPOOPAPERTM - Red, Pink and Yellow.

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POOPOOPAPER™ is sustainable, recycled and ecologically sound, organic, tree-free based paper.  We use it to make products that are fun, thought- provoking and appealing, no matter what the age poo-sitively beautiful roses for example.