Eco-Friendly, Tree-Free, Letter Size Cow POOPOOPAPER - A4
Eco-Friendly, Tree-Free, Letter Size Cow POOPOOPAPER - A4 - 50 Sheets
Letter Size Cow POOPOOPAPER - A4 Sheets

Letter Size & A4 Cow POOPOOPAPER Sheets

Tree-Free, Eco-Friendly paper made with Cow Poo! Our smoothest sheet ever. Dung be skeptical! Cow POOPOOPAPER is sustainable, recycled and ecologically sound & Odor-free - of course!

  • Letter Size Sheets Measure 8.5 x 11
  • A4 Size Sheets Measure 210mm x 297 mm
  • 22 Lb. Bond
  • Natural Color
  • Chemical Free
  • Archival Quality
  • Tree-Free
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made with Cow Poo!
  • Odor-free
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All Cow POOPOOPAPERTM sheets and envelopes are lignin and acid-free, and are of archival quality. Our 22 lb. bond equivalent sheets and envelopes can be feed through most printers.

It's our smoothest sheet ever. We have kept the natural flecks on the back of each sheet to to maintain our exotic appearance, and to show that sustainability has a place in every workplace. Professionals and correspondents alike may choose which side to use.

The complete story of Cow POOPOOPAPERTM is printed on the rear (where else?) of each package. Wake up your office, sound the trumpets!

Why not add a diSTINKtive air to your correspondence?


Don’t have a cow, get some of this for your store! Cow POOPOOPAPERTM is truly made from cow pies…yep, it’s a different kind of chocolate chip! This collection is our first made from cow poop! Our Cow POOPOOPAPERTM is made following the same type of process as our original Elephant POOPOOPAPER™ but using COW contributions of course.

This natural flecked collection features our COW POOPOOPAPERTM and each piece is bordered with either grass or bark color accents. The color of the spine depends on well...what the herd has been consuming...we'll ship you the best outcome.